JTAGjet-DaVinci In Circuit Emulator
DaVinci emulator


DaVinci emulator, DaVinci debugger, DaVinci emulators, DaVinci debugger, DaVinci software, signum, signum systems. A dreal-time, transparent in-circuit debugger based on the JTAG boundary scan port, featuring USB 2.0 for maximum communication speed and convenience.

JTAGjet-DaVinci Emulator

JTAGjet-DaVinci is a real-time, transparent in-circuit debugger based on the JTAG boundary scan port. Its key features are highlighted below.

Linux Debugging with Chameleon Debugger

UBL, U-Boot and Linux kernel source-level debugging:

  o   Load and debug from RAM (no need to program the NAND).
  o   Load from NAND and debug in RAM.

Access to the Linux console via JTAG (no serial port needed):

  o   All UBL, U-Boot and Linux kernel messages shown in the debugger window.
  o   Much faster than serial port.
  o   Write a debugger script to login to the system and execute Linux shell commands.

NAND flash programming (optional):

  o   Fully automated UBL/U-Boot/Linux kernel and RAM-Disk programming from batch file.
  o   High-speed NAND programming at 600+KBytes/sec.
  o   Full support for hardware ECC.
  o   NAND bad block handling (factory markers and Linux bad block tables).
Debug Linux applications via JTAG.

LinuxLinux debugging & NAND programming  PDF file Debugging & NAND Flashing the DM365 

Other Features
Active JTAG probes for TI-14/ARM-20/cTI-20 pin-outs with auto-sensing target voltage.
Programmable and Adaptive JTAG clock up to 30MHz.
JTAG chain device detection with support for ICEPICK.
Can be used with any non-TI ARM/Cortex core, including the Cortex-A8/Cortex-M3.
Drivers for all major third-party IDE and debuggers: ARM, eSOL, Keil, GNU, IAR, Freescale, etc.
Fast downloads using the USB 2.0 port (480 Mbps).
NOR flash programming
  o   Integrated with Chameleon debugger.
  o   Available in the batch mode.
  o   Integrated with the RDI driver.
Bare-metal debugging
  o   Step through the boot ROM code.
  o   Use for initial board bring-up.
  o   Start the debugger without source code.
  o   Debug and test using a sophisticated macro language.

ETB Trace

PC tracing with optional pre-filtering.

Powerful post-filtering capabilities.
Data tracing with optional pre-filtering.
Ideal for tracing CPU initialization or run-away code.

Multi-Core Debugging

One debugger instance with many cores using one JTAG connection.

Multiple debugger instances sharing one JTAG connection.
One or more debuggers with multiple emulators working simultaneously.
A concurrent debug option available: CCStudio connected to a DSP, Chameleon connected to an ARM.

CCStudio Compatibility

The only emulator compatible with CCStudio and other major ARM debuggers (via the RDI driver).

Outperforms the XDS510 and in some cases, even the XDS560.
Compatible with any CPU supported by CCStudio, including the OMAP3 and TMS570.

Supported DaVinci Devices

Part No.


TMS320DM648  C64x+; DVV  
TMS320DM647 C64x+; DVV  
TMS320DM643 C64x; Video  
TMS320DM642 C64x; Video  
TMS320DM641 C64x; Video  
TMS320DM640 C64x; Video  
TMS320DM6467 C64x+; ARM9; DVHD ETB
    TMS320DM6446   C64x+; ARM9; DVV   ETB
TMS320DM6443 C64x+; ARM9; DVV ETB
TMS320DM6441 C64x+; ARM9; DVV ETB
TMS320DM6437 C64x+; DVV  
TMS320DM6435 C64x+; DVV
TMS320DM6433 C64x+; DVV  
TMS320DM6431 C64x+; DVV  

DVV - DaVinci Video
DVHDV - DaVinci High Definition Video


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